From Here On Out. A Promise To Yourself!

A promise to be what I said I was going to be, today starts it all for me, it has too. A promise to never go back and be who I was again. I promise that everything that comes out of my mouth this time I wont intend to, I will back it up. I quit trusting and believing in myself and in the end at thirty-seven years old now it has stayed with me and cost me so much. I promise I am done hurting people, I know how I am supposed to act and I have chosen to act like a fool and a little bitch so I got treated like one. No more, I don’t want to, but I accept it, I have to, I made the choices that led to it going down the way it did, but from here on out I don’t have to be that little bitch. I don’t have to play small and let life keep passing me by, yeah this acceptance thing is going better than I had planned or thought possible! Sometimes letting go is the best thing and the only thing that works, because in the end not accepting whats done is done will do you in my friends, it has been doing me in for years! Mediocre is done, accept mediocre and you will have a mediocre life, we are all capable of something in this world, figure out what you are capable of now, don’t wait until your are thirty-seven. But don’t go off the rails like I did because I made some bad choices and make thirty-seven the end either, you can always recover if you choose to, know that shit. Who doesnt fuck up? But it is about changing shit from here on out, it is about keeping that promise to yourself from here on out for once, it’s about guts. It’s about not knowing what is on the other side, but having the faith in yourself and believing it will be alright. Now if you will excuse me, I don’t care if it is my birthday, I have fifteen years of changing shit to start working on and it starts right now. Promise yourself everyday to be better and then go out and make it happen and keep that promise to yourself. If you can’t trust and believe in yourself, your no good to you or anyone  else…..


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