We Try To Wash Our Hands From All Of This!

We usually don’t end up in the end though as clean as we would like to be. The stink of what we did stays with us, it can be hard to wash off or wash away! Sometimes I guess it is better to burn the mother fucker down after we cross the bridge and never go back. Going back rarely works, that shit is like winning the lottery! Sorry, saying still holds true, it didn’t work the first time, so why would you waste your time trying again! A two year old doesn’t know better when he try’s to stick a sqaure peg in a round hole. When your still doing that at thirty seven, well, good luck to you sir. I’ve played and lost that game over and over again. It is time to wash my hands of all I have done and move on. It’s is time to start putting the right pieces in the right places and it is time to admit which pieces just don’t fit and never will! Holding on to what’s not meant for you will get you nowhere! Only thing worse than that is sitting on your ass for fifteen years and turning thirty seven in 12 hours! Happy bday to me!


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