“You Gotta Be Who You Are In This World.”

What if I don’t want to be a fucking loser anymore Denzel? It is a quote from his new movie the equalizer and I have no fucking clue where I am going with this. Like the look my dog gave me today when I ran out the door without feeding him. Yeah, bet he was kinda pissed when someone else got home at 3:30, fuck man, my bad my bad! Oh yeah you  gotta be who you are in this world, I didn’t always have to be a loser, shit at one point I was on the fast track, until I chose not to have a spine and stand up for myself, my bad  again. Shit this is turning into a my bad fest, grab some popcorn a soda and snacks folks, this is going to  be a full length feature tonight. Why not it is friday night, lets see if I can’t just pick my brain for a thousand words on you gotta be who you are in this world. Ready? Set and you know the rest go!  You can be who you are in this world, or you can get passed over as I have because you  tried to be something I wasn’t, Hell I was good enough the whole time, better than good enough, the only person who didn’t think I was good enough was me and look what that has got me! I have chosen to be average for far to long, you, I we are all better than that, average is a choice. success is a choice and becoming who you are supposed to be is a choice if you start making the right choices. If you put down the pipe, knock off the bullshit and take care of business a whole plethora of opportunities await. In just the last couple days, since you have quit worrying about what was done to you, look at how much better it has gotten! Fake it until you make it, keep a smile on your face and never let them see you down, speak good not bad, think good not bad, your attitude in the end is everything. People didn’t hang out with Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh and people don’t hang out with Eeyeores in real life. People who sit around and whine about it, tend to be jackass’s! It’s about showing you give a fuck, not talking about giving a fuck and then doing the exact opposite thing. What good does it do  to run your mouth if you never intend to follow through on it? Gulp, um, er avoid looking at self in the mirror right now lol. I don’t even want to look at the word count, nowhere near a thousand. Todays post was brought to you by Viagra, get your dick hard, lose your eye sight and if you  are to old go out with a heart attack while fucking! Hmm check please on that one and sorry about the commercials, but when you lose it for a second, well you go to your staple, your ten billion dollar a year penis pill. Sometimes I wonder if it matters if you are who you are in this world at all when the powers that be seem to control it, but then I came back to and earlier post and listened to the words Denzel said. I said you do something because you can I think he says you help people and you do something because you can, but that is the point. I can change this, I can have the fucking moon if I want it and commit to it. We all can find something in our life that we have committed to so why not in other areas. Like I said, dropped over 50 pounds, in the best shape of my life and it would take and act of God to keep me out of the gym more than one day a week. You have something in your life that you have committed to like that. Whether it is your kids, donating your time whatever it is, so why the fuck don’t we do it in other areas of our life? What if I am the mother fucker who is supposed to change shit, but I am to busy thinking I have time. How pissed am I going to be when I get old and realize I had it all and could have done so much more with it? I don’t want to be who I am supposed to be in this world, I want to be better than that. I want to run baths for her and cook dinner and give her massages. I want to be a great father, I want my mom to retire, I want the world and I can have it, why the fuck not? It has to be someone doesn’t it? Why not me, it is time to do something about it while I still can, because at some point you never know, I might not be able to do something about it. So while you can get off the couch, put the controller and the bong down, and live a little. It isn’t lived through a microphone and a game. It isn’t lived the way I have been living it, pretending that what I want isn’t a mile and a half up the street has only cost me more time and it is a game I know I will never win. So why not change the rules? Why not change the game? If you keep playing a game that you know you will never win, what kind of fool are you? I keep trying to find it and  get over it with something else that is not it and guess what? I still want it and I can’t shake that. And I bet I can still do something about it. One last question for you. With all that is going on in the world and children dying to young and reporters being beheaded, why would you live this life with what you  want  a mile and a half up the road and not in your arms? Well I think I made it……


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