Stay With Me!

Frat kids hazing, raping, Iraq failing, Ukraine flailing, it is starting to look and sound like that old Billy Joel song we didn’t start the fire, except we did. And it has stayed with us, just like our country not dealing with shit, I have not dealt with shit and tonight it stays with me and haunts any chance I have of sleep! I have always tried to live by one principle, kind of likes Gibbs rules from NCIS and rule number one is deal with shit, before it deals with you. I have always said when you don’t deal with it and instead of closing doors you leave them open, that shit will pop up at the worst time! I sure can sling it out my mouth, but when it comes to acting on it, the shit stays with me, I don’t ever deal with it, I just patch it from day-to-day until the patch breaks and leaks spring everywhere. Scrambling to fix things you should have long ago fixed is a fools game that you will never win! You will try to make shit work, it wont work and you will spend your days wondering why. Until the next one comes along and for three months you fake it until it falls apart and then you fall apart in the aftermath! Stay with me, because your all I need, this aint no way to fucking live its clear to see, so why the fuck do I keep letting it stay with me? It has become like a drug, it has become like the song says all I need, but I know I can never have it again even if I could. Pining for a situation that you had and can’t ever have again, because you know who you are is only costing you more time and more years! Fuck man I just don’t know anymore, I do know that what stays with me in the end will make me and it is time to change some of that shit!


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