“I Promised Someone That I Love.”

“I promised someone who I love that I would never go back to being that person.” I promised them over and over again, but when what I cared about collided with what I can do, what I cared about was getting high. What I cared about was putting it off until I put if off a little to long. And I promised someone who I love that I would knock it off and I would quit putting it off, until I didn’t and now I am about to turn thirty-seven. And while thirty-seven is by far not the end, it can be if I let it be. You see I made  a lot of promises to myself too and in the end, I didn’t follow through on any of those either! I promised  a little girl that I loved three and a half years ago at her casket that I would do better. I promised the girl that I loved that I was going to be the guy and all the other ones that put her through so much, I was gonna  be the one who made her feel special. I promised a dog I loved I was going to figure it out and not let the cancer take him. I promised my mom and my dad and my gramma and ahhhhhhhh fuck man, promises promises, time to start delivering on some of these mother fuckers, I am pretty sure that everyone is tired of listening to me talk. What did you promise someone who you  love? How about you promise yourself. How about you love yourself and you promise yourself that you will never go back to being that person. That piece of shit who took it all for granted, that guy who every time he had a chance to rise up, he laid down. You can be something different, you can start fulfilling some of those promises and you don’t have to go back to being what you were. That choice is simply up to you. Maybe it is time you promise yourself to never slip and let it happen again, And if  it does, don’t get defeated and let it be over, dust yourself off and back on the pony, life is one in the ring, not in the stands!


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