It’s About How You Handle The Situation!

Mine was a shit show, I think I said something like I hope you get drug 500 feet behind a city bus and I hope you fall off your horse and get trampled! Wow it’s not a good look gain some self-control. something about being a whore and something about having no courage or self-respect for herself, yeah I handled that situation pretty well! Any ladies out there reading this want to go on a date? Yeah I didn’t handle that situation well, just like I have let all the other situations in my life handle me and it is starting to show! None of this had to go down this way, but it all comes down to how you handle the situation. Do you react or do you act and get down to business and taking care of shit? That is all that matters, people notice the guy who no matter how the cards play out, handles the situation the right way! Everybody has the power when they are hurt to act like a bitch and say things they wish the didn’t, it takes a real man to handle the situation and walk away with your head held high! To admit maybe it wasnt for you, or it will take care of itself or just keep going forward, and I will be better for it! In life it comes down to admitting whats done is done and moving on the second something doesn’t work out, getting burned by the same person twice is ridiculous, ask me I know. Sorry to say this, if it doesn’t work out the first time! It more than likely wont work out the 3rd, 5th or 8th, you can keep trying to stick a square peg in a round hole, if that is how you want to handle the situation. But it will kill you for ten months when it should have killed ya for one. November it was over, May I tried again and got destroyed, but yet there still isn’t a day that it leaves my mind, I guess I better handle this situation!


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