Why Not Me, Why Not Now!

It happens all the time, people pull off shit they think they can’t everyday, so why not me, why not now? Eh, this one doesn’t have a good feeling to it, somethings are still stinging tonight, hell tonight while hanging out with the wrong one and thinking about the past one, I said I love you not paying attention at all to what I said and holy fuck man what a shit storm I set off. Oh yeah, A.D.D. in check, why not me, why not now, that is what we were talking about. You ever draft your fantasy team and be really happy with it and then five hours later think, man I could be fucked at running back? But why not, are you kidding me, William Hung couldn’t speak English, chinese or any other language for that matter and he butchered a song and I am pretty sure at one point Vegas was offering him 100k a week to perform, and he turned it down! Point is it can happen at anytime, I lost it and went into never-never land I am sorry I havent been sleeping and this one blows. I’ll do better in a couple of hours, or a maybe ten if this Zquil kicks in 🙂


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