We Make Choices And We Have To Live With Them!

Think the name says it all and I am so done with this depressing woah is me bullshit. See the sun in life, the light, see the good, quit talking about how bad it is and running your mouth like a gossipy little bitch. Start talking about the good things, start making some of the good things happen, you have all the power to pull it off stupid. Buy a convertible, I don’t care if it is a geo metro and drive that mother fucker up the pacific coast highway at least once. Do something at least once that absolutely scares the shit out of you and then when you conquer it, do it again and laugh at it, That is what life is about, having fun. We have turned it into ISIS and Russia don’t mess with us we have nukes and a town in Missouri on the verge of race riots over a shooting and I could go on and on about the bad in the world, but does anybody talk about the good anymore? I was to busy scamming my way to the next day and trying not to get caught, that I made life for me and everyone else around me miserable, no wonder nobody wanted to hang the fuck around! Lol, well a week from today is d-day I will be thirty seven, I wonder what it brings. Apple releases a new iPhone, what if I release a little something too, yeah time to have a little fun with this bitch. We all make choices that we have to live with, it is what life is about, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun with it along the way does it? Oh and by the way, I made a trade, last post I was saying how I think I am fucked at running back, all good now we made a trade!!!!


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