Some Things You Have To Figure Out On Your Own!

No map, no compass, no friendly advice in the end will get it done, sometimes it is you against you in the biggest battle of your life. Its a Nike commercial and forget Nike if you don’t like them, but it shows kids doing the work that others wont. The 500 shots in the rain on a shitty court at 2 a.m. while everyone who is gunning for that same spot is sleeping. I wish I would have known it then, what I do now, that hindsight thing is a bitch. I want it now a week from thirty-seven, and I see what it takes if you want it, if I could have seen it back then, what I might have accomplished! Some paths you have to walk on your own, some things you just have to figure out on your own. How to get over it, how to move on, how to pick yourself up off the ground. No happy pill, no anything fixes you, yeah you have to figure out you on your own and if anybody has any fucking suggestions, the guy over here approaching thirty-seven will take them. Then again, I am happy a lot, I do want more, but isn’t it about being happy and having fun, people say I am the life of the party, so maybe I got some things figured out that I didn’t even realize. It is time to rally and see what I have left in the tank, it is time to set out on my own and figure some of these things out, I am thirty-seven in a week, I am not dead and I think that is where I got a little lost. If you’re not dead, you can figure it out, you can flip this bitch, have a little fun and maybe in the process save yourself and get a few of those things you want! I was so worried about getting a year older, that I made thirty-seven the end of the world! Who knows, it might just be the beginning! Yeah some things you have to figure out on your own, looking for answers in things or other people to make you happy will never make you happy. Your spouse should be your other half, you should make them just as happy as they make you. And if someone takes you for granted, even if it is the someone you want the most, walk the fuck away my friends, they did! Yeah figuring a lot of shit out lately, but the one thing I don’t have to figure out, the one thing I know, I am worth it too and so are you, remember that shit. Remember when you want to quit when shit gets dark and it all seems like too much, that yeah you are worth it to. And if you don’t drown, you keep flailing and kicking and trying to keep your head above water you will get there! The only way this ship goes down, is if you let it! Quit patching the holes, patches wear, let’s get down to fixing shit on a permanent level!


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