If Your Going Through Hell!

The title to one of my favorite country songs, he would go on to say “keep on moving, don’t slow down, you might get out before the devil even knows your there!” Keep on moving, keep on moving, trying to pound it into my head tonight, I have stood in place for far to long! The difference is clear now, the you I used to be would keep choosing to stay here, keep going through hell and keep finding ways to play the victim. The new me, yeah that guy over here, he is working on re-inventing himself, yeah there was I time I would have fanned the flames,  poked the stick and thumbed my nose at it, but that shit is hot man! The difference now is I am going through hell, but at least I am going through it , I havent quit, I see the other side, I see what could happen and that is all I need to see to see my way out of this hell I have created! The difference is before, I would have found a way to not do it, a way to sabotage it and make it not work, this time, I have every reason to want it. This time I see it all for what it is, we all go through hell, sometimes in the middle of that hell we think it can’t get any worse and then it does. But there will come a day when you look back on it as the lesson that it was, not the failure! You will think to yourself, what the hell was I thinking, that was really nothing at all it and I almost let it destroy me. There will also come a day, just like when it got worse, where it will get better. Where the ex will see you looking your best and you will man up wish her the best and walk away like a man for once with your head held high, not like some little bitch. A moment when you make those who matter for once proud, because you see people like you and I who are going through hell, we got something most people don’t. We got a chip on our shoulder, because they forgot about us and they overlooked us and wrote us off. Go ahead, write me off, I am going to write a different end to this mother fucker this time. This time I realize I am wounded not finished and the wounded mother fucker you don’t see coming right now, I promise you soon, you will! So tonight, if your going through hell, keep on moving, don’t slow down!


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