What Did It Cost You First?

Better yet, riddle me this. What will it cost you last? Self respect for myself, the respect of others? Money for sure, the ones that mattered, hell everything that mattered. The fun times and the blow and booze and bongs now don’t look so glamorous staring down the barrel of a 37! I know it is a 38, kiss my ass, I turn 37 September ninth so don’t nitpick and work with me here! Except that is what I did, I just worked with it and I didn’t nitpick and I didn’t pay attention to the small details. The holding of hands, but I was to busy plotting and planning. The holding her in your arms and her feeling she can trust you and she will be okay that I have never made any of them feel,  because it sure seems like I only give a fuck about number one. And while you have to look out for yourself, it can get kind of ugly when you quit giving a shit about anything else but getting high and getting to the next day! Those idiots that say it is just pot, ask them what they do for work, ask them how they are living, Oh its my migraines and oh it is this and oh it is that so I can’t.lol Not saying there aren’t productive people who smoke pot, but if you weight it out in the end, pun intended, more people who smoke pot are worthless than ones that are productive, coming from one of the worthless you can kiss my ass if you don’t like it, truth hurts! The path I have taken has cost me so much, some days I just want to say fuck it, but fuck it never gets it done. Someone always has it worse and I have options, like a lot of you, I have moves that can be made. The only reason I am sitting here is because it got comfortable and comfortable leads to being treated like a little bitch and getting walked all over, so don’t get to comfortable folks, push shit a little. Do what your told not to, or what you think you cant, drink a real coke, all that diet shit has Aspartame, quit worrying about what it cost you first and don’t let it cost you last. Figure this shit out now and write your own ending, because it doesn’t matter what happens first, all that matters is how it goes down last! Time to finish some unfinished business!


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