We Need To Take Care Of Today, And Tomorrow WIll Take Care Of Itself!

It is all in place to pull it off, there are no more reasons why not, when I look in the mirror, I don’t see close, I see more than that. I see someone who almost let it finish him off, and when he sees himself now out the other side and with what he has survived, I actually found a little something to be proud of. Life gets a whole lot easier when you  start taking care of today instead of trying to scam your way through it to the next day! Oh shit A.D.D. and  butterfuckingfly I am  all over the place again, maybe gramma was  right and it is time even though I am against it to try a pill and do something about this shit. No wonder I  can’t get shit done, one second I am focused on the prize and the next im in la-la land, and that place does exist, I swear, no shit, I spend a lot of time there. It is a magical place, really it is and kick me in the balls while you are at it too! Dreamer only works if you get down to making those dreams happen you fucking idiot! Oh man fucking sick of myself and this never-ending fucking nightmare of a day that keeps repeating itself that I refuse to put to bed. What good does it do to do the work to look this good 50 plus pounds, what good does it do to good things, any of it? If you are just going to sit back and not finish, you only kind of half way want it and it shows in the way you live your life and handle or should I say don’t handle your business! We need to start taking care of today, if we do that, tomorrow will take care of itself. Heads will turn, mountains will move and shit you thought could never happen will start to, so new plan Stan, follow me and lets see what kind of trouble we can get into!


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