When You Finally Start To Come Out Of It!

When you really start to get past it, it stops weighing on you as much as it did and your life stops revolving around it. When you are not happy with your choices and the past you have made, but you realize you are okay with it and that it is actually okay. When it doesn bury you and destroy you like it used to and you see it for what it was, not a failure, but a lesson. A lesson that showed you what you were worth, what you were capable of, learn from it this time. Because you are starting to come out of it, it isn’t getting easier stupid, you are getting stronger, you are starting to become who you are supposed to be, a step back now would be devastating. So fuck it and leave it there, look at all the momentum you have built, see all the possibilities in front of you,  see God or life saving you from what could have happened and make this shit happen. Yeah it is and amazing feeling when you finally start coming out of it, when you realize what you are capable of, when you start realizing you forgot a few things. You forgot you  had that fire inside you, and while it may have been dim for a while, it never burnt out and watch it catch fire now. Keep going back to this, “A tree can make a million matchsticks, but it only takes one matchstick to burn down a forest!” You are more powerful than you think, you have more ability than you ever thought you did, it begins and ends with you  and you are the most powerful thing on this planet, know that. Dont think it, don’t wonder about it, know that shit in your head and in your heart! Yeah it is about to happen for me, I can feel it in my bones, in my blood and in my heart! It can happen for you too, the best feeling in the world is when you finally start coming out of it, realize you survived and that you are going to be okay! From there, the world is in the palm of your hands, because you have done something a lot of people can’t, you survived!


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