Like Clockwork!

I could damn near time it to the second, the way my days go lately. Tonight I stepped up and did the right thing, but what the fuck does that matter when you have been doing the wrong thing for three months, because three, check that almost four months ago you were done wrong! I never learn, like clockwork the same shit keeps going down and I keep wondering why, all I can fucking do at this point is laugh at myself. What I could have and what I could be in a month is so much more thatn what I am wishing I had, not because I want it, but because it did me so wrong, like I have something to prove to it or something. Sometimes you get shit on, you move on, because if you get shit on again in the same situaiton, that makes you a true American idiot for sure! I think the saying I saw and I dont know who said it, but “dont get burned by the same flame twice! Already have, and yet I am longing to be burned a third time apparently, check yourself before you wreck yourself Ice Cube, that shit doenst make no sense man!


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