“I Was Playing In The Beggining, The Mood All Changed!”

“I’ve been chewed up, spit out and booed of stage.” He would go on to say, “best believe somebody’s paying the pied piper, all the pain inside, amplified, by the fact that I can’t get by with my 9-5!” I guess it wasnt really all that bad at all you pathetic mother fucker. How many out their right now can’t get by with their 9-5? At least I am surviving, I am not a single mom working two jobs who never gets to see her kid and still at the end of the month is scrambling to make it work. Yeah mother fucker you got dropped on your ass, boo fucking hoo you, people got real problems. There is a town in Iraq 20,000 people that ISIS is in the process of trying to wipe of the planet like it never existed. This isn’t Hitler with the Jews folks 70 plus years ago, this is now, 2014! Yeah I was playing before, I am angry now, the mood has changed and shits about to change. Now that I pulled my head out of my ass and quit licking my wounds and feeling bad for myself, I figured out, it wasnt that big of a mess at all, I had moves to make right in front of me, the walls were put up by me. I was so busy finding excuses and reason after reason why it wasnt my fault and why it was done to me, that I didn’t see I was doing it to myself. I don’t have to go home to, two kids who are hungry and I am dong the best I can and it isn’t good enough! People go home to that every night. People are dying of terrible curable diseases all over this planet everyday because of money and politics and people just saying that is the way it is! Fuck that I’m not playing anymore, it was fun to play in the begging and yeah I  met a few girls had some great sex, did some  drugs and partied it up! But the party ends and the mood begins to change and you either stay there and bury yourself or you do something about it! You look at something like the Grand Canyon and while it is amazing, the water that created it was even more amazing and powerful, my point? You can change the mood, you can beat it and you still have time to do something about it. Just because your problems look as big as the Grand Canyon staring you in the face, remember there is something more powerful out there. That something more powerful out there? Oh yeah, that would be you!


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