What Are You Running From?

“I am not concerned with your falling, all I am concerned about is that you will rise.” Abe Lincoln! When you are called on, when it is your time, when you  have a chance to make it all happen, we all have a moment, will you rise? Can you once and for all save yourself from yourself and walk the fuck back in this time who you should be? If you can’t, all that is left is to walk away with your tail between your legs! There is a line in a song, sorry can’t remember the name, but the chorus goes, can you hear me calling, can you hear mer calling you. It goes on to say something about our children rising up while we stood still. Someone has to rise up, we all fall, we all get our heart ripped out and stomped on and we all think why us and this isn’t fair and that shit happens to everybody, so give me another excuse, better yet, what the fuck are you running from? Because if it is from yourself, it is a race that you will never win, your like a dog chasing his tail, not so lethal and definitely and idiot. Better stand tall when they are calling you out, every other time you have been called out before you have caved and collapsed and stayed there wounded, looking for somebody to feel bad for you! This time wounded and running wont get it, this time you have to back it up, this time you will have to rise above all the bullshit that you have created. Because nobody cares about your falling, there only concern is with your getting back up and getting in the game. How are you going to ever win the game, if you’re not in it? And outside of Usain Bolt, very few people make a good career out of running, so why don’t you knock that shit off too while you’re at it!


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