Fear! The Saddest Thing In the World, Is To Give Up On Yourself!

I used to think love and hate were the most powerful four letter words in the world, I am realizing again, just like before, I am wrong. Fear is the most powerful thing in the world. Fear of a divorce will cause a spouse to kill another spouse. Fear of being exposed will cause people to commit murder. Fear of the unknown will keep you in the same place as I have been, and fear of yourself and what you have become and might become is whats running through my mind tonight! Fear has stayed with me for far to long, it has caused me to give up on myself, it has caused me to piss away everything, literally everything that mattered. I gave up, I quit trying, I kept just expecting that moment that might never happen to happen and now moments that I should be having are passing me by. Nobody wants to hear you bitch, at some point in all our lives, we all go through it, it’s getting through it and not standing in place because of fear that matters. It is making a way when there isn’t one, it is being more afraid of what will happen if you don’t do it, then if you do. It is finding yourself in those moments of weakness that should tear you apart and kill you, that you find a way to come back from, that is what it is about. Not fear, not giving up or what you did or was done to you, it’s about the comeback. It’s about losing your way, like we all do, burying yourself so deep, you don’t think you will ever see the day you get out of the hole and then you do! Nobody cares what you did, people care what you do after it, how did you respond, how did you take the hit. Did you send a million texts about why it wasnt your fault and act like a little bitch? Or do you accept it and take care of business and fix yourself? That is the difference between Men and Boys and Woman and Girls, it is that simple. How you react to the hit, everybody gets hit, as I said before, the hit you are taking now, somebody else is taking too, so dont think you’re the only one, just because it feels like it. Quit hitting rewind, that shit only works on t.v.s, it doesnt work in life and retracing steps that didn’t work the first time, hmm you tell me how the fuck it is going to work out the second time. Most of all fuck fear, you weren’t as bad as you thought you were and remember who did what, so when it all falls in place, you will know who was and who wasnt there. Life comes down to facing fear and hitting back, what you do when your down matters more than anything else you will do in your entire life!


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