Lethal When Wagging!

Lethal are our thoughts, which tell us we aren’t as powerful as we are! That 120 pound dopey lab will send a coke can across the room with that tail if I leave it in the wrong place! I was just wondering something, I guess I have a question. Have you ever done something you thought there was no way you could do? Have you found that power? Last night as four coyotes closed in on my friends little dog, that big dopey dog who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and has never been in a fight in his life, you know what he did? I didn’t know he had it in him, but four animals who hunt for their food to survive, ran like it was a Forrest fire coming at them. At first I was sure they were baiting him, but my eyes weren’t deceiving me, they weren’t baiting him, they were running for their lives! Sometimes it takes that moment when we are pushed a little farther than we think we can go to figure out what were really made of! We can choose to be lethal towards what is against us or we can choose to be lethal towards are future! What lies within you, the human heart, not money, not stuff, position, power or greed can trump it, it is the most powerful thing in the world. Follow your heart, trust yourself and make a move, because if your only lethal when wagging, you become and American idiot, and we’ve already got plenty of those!


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