I’ve Done Some Really Bad Things!

It unfortunately isn’t the catchy Nike slogan that I saw on a kids shirt at the gym today saying, “bad things man.” Man I had a point, is there a fucking point to any of this? This constantly waiting for a moment to happen as I was talking about earlier has led me nowhere and now what? They say run to it, but I think whoever they are may be wrong, sometimes you have to run from it. Not because you are afraid, but you have to find a way to make a way for yourself and I pray tonight that I havent waited to long! I have done some really, really bad things in this life, and it has led me to live my life waiting for moments from the past to come back, because I am afraid I have no future. Thats why I keep getting passed over, looks and being a nice guy only go so far, they gotta see you down the line! They gotta see what kind of dad you can be, can you take care of them, will you be there for them when they need you to be, yeah woman are a needy species:-). Point being I am not taking shots here, people can look past what you have done, those really bad things, if they can see a future with you, but nobody wants to hang around somebody who keeps doing the same really bad things, what point is there in that? Drugs, hearts broken, promises broken, I could write a list ten feet tall of things ive done and or should have done, but be careful, because when you start keeping score, Really bad things happen man, maybe not now in the moment, but down the line in the future, when you look back and regret not the really bad things, but what they cost you!


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