Do Something Before You Can’t!

Make a move, while there is still time for one to be made. Do something, before you really are too old to do something about it and you’re not just talking about it at almost thirty-seven. Sometimes you have to admit you can’t beat certain things and go after them with all you got, sometimes you have to admit there are just things you can’t get over. But the way  I see things, each and every one of us are getting older every second, which means it is time to do something before we can’t. There are a lot of things I can’t control, but how I spend my time and what I choose to use it on I can, and lately I have been pissing it away. The most valuable resource we have other than the air we breath and water we drink, and I am just pissing it away like it doens’t matter, like it grows on a fucking tree and I can get more of it. How much longer do I think I can keep wanting it before wants turn into I wished and I wished turns into my dreams becoming somebody elses? I can’t do it anymore, I simply fucking cant man, this life isn’t worth going through without the things that matter. The things that change you and no matter how bad you want to, you just cant shake them, yeah those moments that make you who you are. The moments I have been letting pass me by because I wasnt ready for them, so many times those winds of change have blown my way and instead of getting ready for a future, I was to busy just trying to scam my way to the next day. And now ten months later, I still want it more than I have ever wanted anything in my life, so I guess I better do something about it before I cant!


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