Time To Play With The Big Boys!

One week or bust! That is what I have decided it comes down too, I can commit and have and amazing life and I can pull it off in seven days and I know I can. If I don’t, it all fades to black, it all goes away, doors shut and life moves on and  this aint no catchy 90’s t.v. show! I don’t know other than the weight loss and getting in great shape, if I ever have followed through on one thing in my entire worthless life that I said I was going too! That right there folks is a pretty sad statement for sure. It is time to play with the big boys, it is time to put on my big boy pants and throw some fucking punches. Turn some people’s heads and make some mother fuckers look twice, for any other reason than because I look good. Its time to change shit and that change starts with me! Somehow finding a way to limit or get rid of these addictions and distractions that are in my way is all that matters, if I hope to ever play with the big boys. I am going to have to come back huge, big isn’t even close to how I have to come back, I went away a bitch and hid for way to long! Now, the bitch doesn’t like what he sees in the mirror, he knows he has what it takes to play with the big boys, but he chokes and gets scared and gets lazy when he is called on it. Better not wait to long , life can call any of us on it anytime, know that shit, so who the fuck has time to sit around worry about it and bitch about it? Oh wait, apparently this so attractive boo hoo mother fucker over here who wants to whine about it lol. You ever get disgusted with yourself? Maybe that is a good thing, maybe that is what it is going to take, because this playing small like a little bitch aint getting it anymore. Sink or swim, fail or pull it off, ill live, but if I don’t take my shot to play with the big boys and I don’t take my shot and go after what I want, I can’t live with that!


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