The Value Of Time!

“The Value Of Time

When you start looking at life in terms of time you realize there’s no time for negativity, no time for people who don’t make you happy, and no time to dwell on what didn’t work out. When you value time you’re desperate to make every day count, hell, every hour!

We all have painful experiences, we’ve all made mistakes and bad choices but those lessons have already been paid for. You can’t afford to spend even more time reflecting on it, living with regret… torturing yourself over and over again by asking, “Why didn’t it workout?” You may never know…move on!

But most importantly, when you value time you value the people you spend your time with. Once you embrace the notion that tomorrow isn’t promised and you have more yesterdays than tomorrow’s, time becomes even more precious. Don’t waste it looking backwards.

Good Night And Enjoy The View! ~ Michael Baisden


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