Man, I Don’t Ever Wanna Have To Go To Wal-Mart Again!

Fat people in their crocs in the way, stupid checkers who have eighteen people in line and  want to have a half fucking hour conversation with one customer, people in the way, im finding Wal-Mart people are just as big of assholes as rich people, got all my judging out-of-the-way for sure anyway! And be happy with who you are, I was 240 and unhappy so I lost 50 pounds, so there is my riddle. I accomplished something a lot of people can’t and only wish they could, why? I was committed, I was motivated and  I wanted it, so why can’t I take that into the rest of my fucking life and stand up as a man for once? Because while I have to save the money now, because I am so broke, I don’t ever wanna have to go to wal-mart again man, that place is fucking depressing! About as depressing as a dating website, ladies if you are sending us your tits before we ever meet you, all you are ever going to be is a well you can figure that one out! Just because I don’t want to go to wal-mart doesn’t mean I  am better than anyone else, far from it, but it is  a depressing mind-set, it is settling for a little less and making that okay, and that attitude is why the world is the way that it is. It isn’t the crocs, it isn’t the checkers or the customer who has 5 items in the self-checkout and takes ten minutes to checkout, no none of that will matter in the end! The only thing that will matter is if you take care of business or not, no matter where you shop check your head get your mind right and go after what you want, that’s what life about!


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