Better Yet, Game On, Can I Stop It From Fading Fast!

If only for a second Thursday night, it might have been a meer glimpse, but for the first time in a long time I saw hope. Better yet, I saw my last opportunity to stop it all from fading to black on me. I forgot for a second that while it is all fading on me, I still get to write the ending. Whether it fades on me, whether I get it back, no matter how it goes down, it goes down that way because I either let it happen to me, or fucking stepped up for once and made it happen this time! This time, they are all going to see something from me that they never have seen before, this time it is game on. They aren’t going to look at me the same, the mother fucker who laid around, felt sorry for himself because it was happening to him and let life pass him by is fucking gone, I buried that mother fucker last night, he is dead to me and always will be. Nobody wants to hear me run my mouth, that is what has got me here and why it is all fading fast on me. This time it is only about one thing, this time I have to do what I have never done before, it is pretty simple actually. This time I have to show them, this time I have to prove to them I am done with the bullshit, I am tired of wasting my life away here and while I pissed it all away, I can still pump the brakes and stop this whole mess from going down the way it is about to. Yeah, it has always began and ended with I, now if you will excuse I, I got some work to do, I gotta figure out away to stop it from fading, and I aint getting any younger, so I better do it fast!


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