Danger Will Robinson, Trap Game!

Earlier I wrote a post about a door being cracked open and walking back in the man. Be careful Mr. Robinson, objects in mirror are closer than they appear and in this case, might appear to be something that they are not. I said I was closer than I have ever been, but now I have to realize is it a setup or a setback? Is that door opening really there to push me to the finish line, or is it there to give me a glimmer of hope and then pull the rug right out from under me?  You see I can’t be mad about any of it, I created all of it, but now I have to be smart enough to have guts. To admit as much as I don’t want to that some things just may be gone, but I still have time to save others and I still have time to make a future out of this mess, but I can’t do it sitting here! When I saw that door crack open, my heart stopped, but did my eyes really see what I thought they saw? Or did my eyes see what I wanted them to see? Worst of all , I don’t have the time to waste to ponder the answer, so shut the door I must and move on to the future is the only choice I have. I can’t trust anymore that it is a setup to something better, every other time it hasn’t been, so I must see it for what it is. I can’t get burned again, I just don’t have the time, thirty-seven is just around the corner and time is wasting ladies and gentleman. If I am wrong so be it, but I have let it kill me twice, tonight I have decided to let it go, because everybody knows three strikes and your out, so down 0-2 I have to hit it out of the park! I have to assume it is a setback, even though assuming makes a fool out of you and me, but some roads if we choose to go back down them, we may not survive and they may just destroy us, it almost did last time, but I survived. So with all I have left in me, it is time to avoid that trap game, close that door and kick another one wide the fuck open!


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