There Is Going To Be A Point 2.0!

A point when you have had enough of all of the bullshit, but will that point come in time? Because there will come a point when you get old and you start running out of time and then as my friend said to me today, don’t waste my precious time! There is going to be point when time is the enemy, nevermind time has always been the enemy and as I look three weeks down the road at thirty seven, I think there might come a point. A point where I get the Lamborghini, the point where I do help people and donate to that little girl in Heavens charity that I made a promise too, but will it be in time to do any good? That is the point! There is going to be a point, that moment, I keep coming back to that R.Kelly video call it silly if you want, but the name of the song is I wish. There comes a point in the song where he is talking to his mother in Heaven and she says this. “Robert, what does it benefit a man to gain the entire world and lose his soul?” There is going to be a point where tough questions are going to have to be answered and you better have answers for them this time, everybody is tired of the fucking excuses, even the dog. There will come a point where you will realize just what feeling sorry for yourself all those years has cost you. There is going to be a point where life shows you what you could have had, well maybe you don’t have to reach that point! Maybe, just maybe you can change that could have had to have, and that ladies and gentleman, is the fucking point!


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