Tell Em Better Than You!

It’s a line in a new T.I. song called mediocre! “When they call and ask how you doing, say better than you.” Kind of like it, fuck it why not, I know I lost my swagger, but with all the shots I been taking lately, my ass looks like swiss cheese! How cool would it be to walk back in the man and when they ask you, say yeah better than you! To have your shit so together that you could say some shit like that to the ones who were taking shots. Yeah T.I. isn’t perfect for sure, but I bet he is doing all right, bet he is doing a lot better than a lot of us. My point? You have to want to tell them better than you, you have yo want more, as the song would go on to say, you can’t want no fucking mediocre and expect spectacular, that shit doesn’t happen. You have to be crazy enough to think like I do, think you can pull it off and think that you are better than the competition and everything that is against you. Naw fuck that, you don’t have to think it, you gotta know that shit in your heart your blood and your bones and then you gotta go out and make yourself better than them. Not to rub their nose in it, no nanny, nanny boo- boo and shove it in there face shit, no because this mediocre bullshit just aint getting it anymore, that is why! Because at one point you were better and maybe you let it slide, maybe you aren’t as good as you should be right now, but I am still going to be better than you, know that shit, I do and that is the attitude we all have to take, We are all better and all bigger than what is against us, believe it, know it and live it, because then you wont have to tell them, they will see you and know that you are doing better than them. And the best redemption comes when you don’t have to say a word!


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