I Let And Old Flame, Burn Me Twice!

Hard lesson to learn for sure, I wouldn’t admit that flame had burnt out a long time ago and it burned me again! Damn it, I knew better again, but did I do better?? Nope, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I had to stick my hand in the flame, so guess what? I got burned, wow no shit. If you have never paid attention to a thing I have written, pay attention to this. This little gem, will give you more strength than anything I have ever written. Remember when? Do ya? Loaded question right? We all remember a lot of things, but I forgot the most important one. Remember when you thought it was over, you were just so sure of it? You remember that? How crushed you were, the tears and the standing in place? It was going to break you and you couldn’t beat it and it wasn’t going to get any better, until it did! You see what is overwhelming you right now is all in your head. A year and a half ago I was crushed by a girl, felt like I’d never move on, until I did and met a better one. For all the ones out there wanting to quit, wanting to end it, this is for you, I’ve been there. But that hurt and pain go away, the hurt and pain will never go away if you choose to go away though! This game of life has ups and downs, but you can’t come out the other side standing in place. So just remember at some point in your life, you thought it was over, until it wasn’t! Everybody always says it can always get worse, fuck that, it can and will always get better my friends, keep fighting!


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