Maybe, I Have Unfinished Business!

Boy this could get ugly! But maybe I do, I think if we are all honest, we all do. I no longer care about being treated like a bitch, I tried to limp back in a bitch and got dealt with like a bitch, but maybe, just maybe, I have some unfinished business to take care of. Maybe those certain chapters of our life that we are just sure have come to end, havent come to and end at all, you’ve never been wrong before? I know I sure have, probably more than once! Just because I chose to write them the way I did, I still have a choice in how the ending is written don’t I? Maybe I am fucking crazy, but I think I can get her back, I think I can fix things with my best friend, I think I can finally make my mom proud, I think I can pull off that promise I made at that six-year-old girls casket. Yeah, I got a whole hell of a lot of unfinished business, walking back in the man and taking the shit that you want because you did the work and you can is all that matters now. Taking away all the ammunition you have given them to use against you, you gave it to them stupid. Maybe you had unfinished business, but now it is time to finish business, it is time to show them. All you have to do is finish and show them what you are capable of and it will all fall into place and you can have those things that you thought were lost. Hell maybe those things you lost aren’t what you want at all and it is still all out there waiting for you, but how will you know if you  have unfinished business?


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