That’s Gay!

While your worried about whose kissing who, Russia bombs Ukraine, Ferguson Missouri is on the verge of race riots, the Middle East is leaning that way we wish it wouldn’t again and Iraq and Syria and man shits pretty gay! What, it is just a word, it isn’t hurting anyones feelings, sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Maybe that’s the problem, it is just a word, we quit caring, we quit paying attention, kind of like that poem it’s just a dog. It is more than a dog, it matters every second of everyday what you do, while you say that is gay and laugh and think it is funny, five people look disgusted with you and hey this is coming from a guy who was raised Christian and wont ever be seen at a gay pride rally. When you  say fuck and shit and that bastard and  look at this mother fucker over here and laugh, you sound like and idiot! When you let the shit slide in private that you never would in public, what kind of man or woman does that make you? Does it make you a man or woman at all to say, yeah I am going to say it nigger in private and go out and shake your black friends hand? Boy it sure is getting gay up in here with this post, anybody else kind of dissapointented in themselves? Their actions, their country, the people they put in charge? Lets start thinking about things a little more, changing shit starts by paying attention and holding yourself accountable for your actions and the words that come out of your mouth. Quit worrying about judging others and what the fuck they are doing and start doing you and watch what the fuck happens. We all have turned into a bunch of drama queen bitches, whether it is congress, international relations, personal relations, we worry way to much about what doesn’t matter and if we cleaned up the mess we call ourselves, shit probably wouldn’t be so gay and we wouldn’t have to settle for mediocre!


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