Pete Frates, Change The World, WIthout A Word Spoken!

It was going to be entitled the actions you take now, dictate the future, but after watching Pete Frates and the ice bucket challenge and seeing my friend today, I knew that title just wasnt going to be good enough! I just watched a man from a wheelchair who can no longer speak change the world, what the fuck was I bitching about the other day that I couldn’t do! Since his ice bucket challenge, ALS donations are up something like 400% over last year at this time, he put a face to a monster like Steve Gleason of the Saints has.  He changed the world from a chair while he is being stripped of his abilities, has to have help out of bed, can’t even brush his own teeth and while he communicates through a computer, not one fucking time do you hear that man bitch! No poor me, this sucks it happened to me and I am just going to sit in this chair and die, no we can all learn something from Pete Frates, he is the definition of a hero, he is what fight is all about. Not getting dumped and feeling sorry about it, not making bad choices and then wallowing in them, that shit happens to everybody you fucking idiot and people survive that shit everyday, pussies act like it is the end of the world and lose 8 months over it! Fuck I hate when that shit comes back to the mother fucker looking in the mirror:-). Listen to this and then tell me you can’t do something, you know why I saw that Pete Frates video on ESPN tonight? Because I paid attention, sometimes life or God is teaching us something and we are to busy checking Facebook or taking a selfie. We could have played and extra game of basketball, I could have got out of the car when I dropped my friend off, always do to say hi to his daughter, but I didn’t tonight. I showered, I took my dog out and I got home and the channel happened to be on ESPN and one of those moments where I call it God was trying to teach me something, it was telling me it’s not over and keep dreaming big, keep thinking you can change the world. I turned it on at the moment where they were talking about when Pete challenged his friends, because from a wheelchair he couldn’t do it himself. It started with his friends, pretty soon athletes all over Boston where he was from started doing it. Celebrities, Matty Ice in Atlanta and these words rang out and stuck in my head. Pretty soon it was all over the country and Pete Frates had brought it to the fore front, Pete Frates from a wheelchair, without being able to say a word changed the world! I am done letting things get in my way, you should be too. I have let too much be taken from me, I have cowered down like a bitch and taken what has been shoved in my face. Everything I do from here on out, every move is going to be big, it is going to change shit, sometimes all you need is a little push in the right direction, so Pete Has his ice bucket for  ALS challenge, I have a challenge for all of you out there reading this. Tomorrow is a Monday, August 18th, 2014, it is a day that you will never get back and never get to live again, so go out and make it the best day of your life! Go out and try or do something that you thought you would never do, bend the rules, because even though it sucked, Pete Frates had to call himself out and he from a wheelchair had to take the ice bucket challenge! Start holding yourself accountable and realize if it can be down from a wheelchair without words, any single one of us can pull it off, thank you for reminding me what courage and fight are all about Mr. Frates!


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