“You Got No One To Blame For Your Unhappiness.”

“No baby you got yourself into your own mess, letting your worries pass you buy, don’t you think its time to change your mind?” One of my favorite songs growing up by Wilson Philips, and a great line, nobody to blame. The captain of your ship, the creator of your world outside of God would be the person looking back at you.  Man I sure thought I had a point and a direction I was going with this, oh yeah, blame, happiness and such! It is true though, it would appear you have nobody to blame. As I look back on my demise and how it all went down, every single time the man at the helm of the ship was me. I steered it into the rocks every single time I had a chance to steer clear of them  and fuck I can’t even tell you why. Okay, I don’t like the way this post is going, one sec and check back with me, this bland pussy post isn’t cutting it. We need to spice it up with something about gays, maybe shoot a black kid with his hands up, maybe go back to a war that we didn’t finish, yeah all those things should spice it up!


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