“The Power Of Screwgoogle!”

Ray Rice said it best, when asked the question about how his family was dealing with seeing him on video dragging his unconscious finance out of an elevator. He said, “not right now, but down the road, my kids are going to know the power of google, and there and going to be questions.” Every action has a reaction and most of all has a consequence! Everything that you don’t do that you know you should do will come back to haunt you, don’t leave doors open! As I think about it, if I pull this off, it might put my name out there a little bit, people might hear or read things that they never thought possible from me and then what? There will be questions, questions I don’t want to answer, hell questions I am not sure myself I even have answers too. Whether you like it or not, the decisions we have made in the past are the book we have chosen to write about ourselves, sometimes, it’s not such a pretty tale! Sometimes in the moment we do things to make it to the next moment and leave what we left in that other moment devastated. But life is too short to go back and worry about it, yeah at some point you will google me and I wont be so proud of the body of work, but what can I do? That was the first chapter of my life and I let it go down that way! But tonight I am going to write one of the best pieces I have ever written, I am going to entitle it the “Actions We Take Now, Dictate Our Future.” Then I am going to start dictating my future, after I write it I am going to put the fear to bed and get down to writing a fucking better second chapter to this bitch. I got it sitting two feet away from me right now, lets see what the fuck I can do with it! See y’all a little later tonight!


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