Make Them Think Twice!

Make them think twice the next time they see you. None of it matters if you stay in the same place the same loser. The first words from her mouth. Are you okay? I see you driving all over town in that broken down car and that was where it ended for me! I ended it before it ever had a chance to get off the ground, and even though she is a stupid bitch:-) and only cares about things, fuck her, I have to want better for myself don’t I? Money doesn matter, things don’t matter, all that stuff will take care of itself when you take care of being a man. When you can walk in the room and you don’t have to run your mouth and you don’t have to back it up because everybody knows, they look at you and they think twice. They think twice about running their mouths and writing you off, yeah those days are coming my friends, work hard and in the end you will get to play hard! Real men step up, admit their mistakes and fix shit and I got a whole lot of them mother fuckers to fix,  but I can. They are all sitting, thinking twice, six, hell eight times about me, they all see what is in me , that is why people wont give up on me and why I can’t give up on myself. I did make a promise to six-year-old little girl at her casket and I do have a lot of people that I owe. people who stood by me and had to take shots for doing it because my actions, for all those people, I have to walk back in the man, I have to take care of business, make a move and start making mother fuckers think twice about it. Think twice about writing me off, twice about looking past me and thinking I wasnt good enough, twice about thinking that this shit was over and I was just gonna lay the fuck down and bow out gracefully. Maybe I wont pull it off, maybe it all blows up in my face, but I will go the fuck out kicking and screaming and making as much noise as I possibly can, I wont go down like this little bitch I been and you can bet mother fuckers are going to start thinking twice!


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