Remember, We Let That Shit Go! Life Gives You All Kinds Of Chances Not To!

Or so we thought we did as we got angry about it today, sitting in a parking lot and seeing something that reminded you of her. Dont you hate that shit man, one little fucking thing sends you down memory lane. Anybody else down to blow this memory lane bitch up? Shit sucks, moving on and letting go are way different from not thinking about it! Three that are all awesome, that want me right now and where the fuck does my mind go! To the one who fucked me in the ass like a gay pron star! Yeah, eleven forty-nine on Friday night, put the kids to bed before reading this! Love how the disclaimer came after the gay porn star reference! I had tons of warning on how it was going to go down, fuck it was like logging in to a porn website. They ask you are you 18, they ask you do you want to view adult content, they ask you if you are sure, they give you all kinds of chances not to do it, and by the way I have no idea how I know that is what happens when you log into a porn site, since I am perfect and have never done that! Life gives you all kinds of chances not to do it, until you do it and then you scramble to fix it. Letting shit go when you had the chance to make it happen and fix it can happen, but as I said today, when I saw something today, I was back in that moment and honesty, I don’t know what to do about it, I thought I had let that shit go! Guess I got no choice, guess I am going to have to man up and fix shit! Guess I am going to have to make myself the man I always knew I could be and walk back in and take shit. Life is about the mother fucker willing to kick in the door not knowing what is on the other side, they make shit happen! Keep remembering to remember to let go of what you said you were going to, or fuck it maybe I am wrong. If it doesn’t leave you, I am finding there is nothing wrong with chasing what you want if it really matters, so figure that shit out, because life gives you all kinds of chances not to, but you need to find a reason too!


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