Be Your Own Hero!

Bullet to the heart as a struggle trough the emotions of writing this. Knowing it is over and knowing I did it to myself are killing me tonight. Pretty girls smile all day,  I look amazing outside, and I am a piece of shit on the inside, what does any of it matter?That is the point I feel like I am at right now, the bottom, nothing like getting beat out by a chump you are better than to make you feel like a man. This wound licking of mine that I wont seem to let go of isn’t very fucking attractive I am coming to find. I got no time for sleep, no time for fun, I gotta figure out how to be superman. I gotta go into  that phone both with the shaky knees, sweaty palms and all the questions I need answers to and come out the mother fucker I can be, that is the only way to save this shit, it is time to be my own hero! It is time to figure out how to do it a little different and pull this shit off. It is time to quit trying to be perfect and work through and use my imperfections to push me. It is about fucking time I quit making excuses and start making moves, yeah it is going to take more than a cape and tights to pull this shit off, but one question. Why the fuck not you or me? It has to be somebody doesn’t it? Okay, but if we are picking superheros, I get to be the Hulk, those muscles are bad ass. It also might be time to be your own hero and see shit for what it is and take care of the shit that matters. See that maybe even though you don’t want to admit it, that life or God in the end might just be doing you a favor. How cool would that shit be to be the hero? To be the mother fucker who picks him or herself up off the ground and makes it happen, take your shots, I don’t care I made it! I will leave you with this and I am sorry it is not mine and I don’t know who to credit it too. “Ever love someone so much you’d do anything for them? Yeah? Well how about you make that someone yourself and go out and achieve whatever the fuck you want!”


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