Never A Failure, Always A Lesson!

Or  end up in the situation we are in, I am not saying things are bad Jimmy Fallon says, but the Middle East are sending diplomats over here to try to make peace. It wouldn’t be so funny, but in light of Ferguson Missouri, Syria, Iraq, worrying about suing Obama, I can go on if you would like! God I am sorry I am trying tonight, but I am scared to death and I can’t find it. I am over her, I realized what I was worth and what she did to me and it isn’t okay to treat someone like they aren’t even a human being. What now? I am scared to death without that to fight for, that I may let it all slip away again. I may get content and lazy and I may quit working as hard as I a have, this shit isn’t a lesson anymore, I am afraid of failure. It has gone down this way twice, I fight for a while and then what was pushing me what I was fighting for I lose that passion! I forget about the promise I made to a six-year-old girl at her casket, I forget about the promises I made to myself! I forgot what I am capable of and that scares the hell out of me, because while I know the project I am about to pull off can change the world, I am afraid I can’t change myself and who I am, the monster I have created. Fuck being friends with him Eminem, I want to strangle the life out of that mother fucker, he has led me here and I let him! I have come to find out it is always a failure, if you never learn the lesson stupid! There is a gem right there, write that little nugget down and bartender jack please! As I sit typing on my laptop, first time writting in public, in the corner of this bar watching  it all go down, lessons taught aren’t always lessons learned and I promise you learn them while you are young. Trying to learn at thirty-seven what you should have learned at twenty-seven is a fools game, everything in front of me, but I am still playing the same game instead of changing the rules and changing shit! Time to burn this mother fucker down, what I have created I know doesn’t work, and that shit about doing the same thing over again that you failed at is the true definition of insanity is right the fuck on point, time to stop letting it be a failure and learn some damn lesson!


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