In The Aftermath, It Wasn’t As Cool As We Thought It Was!

Being the cool guys who ran the town for a while, the ones everybody wanted to be friends with because we were supplying the party. The drugs, the girls, driving around high out of your mind on blow through downtown Olympia at three in the morning, wondering how you never went to jail. The four a.m. starring down my yellow lab Gus, R.I.P. buddy with uncontrollable nose bleeds from the massive amount of coke I was doing, trying to shove more up there and begging God to wake up whenever I did fall asleep! I did it hard, I put this body through hell, some people can handle putting more poison in their system than others, yay for me! I have many talents when it comes to the wrong things, but I am finding in the aftermath, do I really have any that matter? Do I have any that are going to help me get the fuck out of this mess? Yeah the whole being the life of the party wasnt as cool as I thought and boy what the fuck I thought I wanted sure didn’t go down that way for sure. I work here, I have accomplished this, things that really matter to people, nobody wants to introduce their loser boyfriend, yeah for sure in the aftermath, I wasnt as cool as I thought I was, taking care of business would have been a whole hell of a lot cooler! Looking back at where the people are who were with you then and most of them are worse off than you, so woohoo, I survived, what the fuck am I going to do with ti? This shit sucks, I have pulled of way to much shit to be here, I have survived way to many things that buried me, time to find a way to find some sleep, I was wrong, I am even cooler than I thought and just watch how cool I am going to be when I pull this shit off


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