Why The F Not?

Why not think you  can pull it off, why not expect better of yourself, because you know you are better than that, why not then hold yourself accountable and be better? It can change tomorrow like those winds blow, today it was a hundred, tomorrow it will be eighty with thunderstorms, it happens that fast. Why the f not can be what the f it is happening if you start holding yourself accountable and let it go, You know what I am talking about, those demons, I still have them I am still fighting them, but I am coming to find judging other people for their demons or what they have done to you is a dangerous game, the one who points the finger almost always has five pointing back, remember that! But what if you could beat them, what if my dog could talk and what if there is and Easter Bunny? My point there could be anything, or you could change could to will! There will be those kids and that wife, there will be that money to donate to the charity of my former best friends daughter in Heaven. I will get a chance to get it all back if I do what the fuck I say I am going to do this time. I will, finally after all the bullshit and struggle that I, yeah I put myself through, I will finally come out on top! Yeah that’s right, im done with the boo hoo, I can’t, I got a little surprise laying on my closet floor. And as Morgan Freeman says in the new movie about some dolphin, “It is a big world, sometimes you have to shake it up.” Sometimes you have to think outside the box, you have to expose yourself and put yourself out there. Sometimes you have to make a move so big it shakes things up, but you must have the guts to put yourself out there knowing you could fail. Why the F not, everybody gets a chance to shake this world up at least once in their life, only some have the guts and courage to take it. It wont be easy, it will be the hardest thing you have ever had to do in your life, but in the end, I promise it will be worth it, so I ask you again, WHY THE F NOT???


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