R.I.P. Rockin Robin Williams!

I didn’t want it to come boiling to the surface, as I said I had been doing pretty good with it, but tonight it was all put in perspective. As I was hearing about the death of Robin Williams on the radio, I passed the one who stole my heart jogging. It didn’t stop like last time, it didn’t make my heart jump, but at the moment I found out I was passing her and it was one of those little moments I been telling you to pay attention to that we tend to miss! As I passed and thought about Robin Williams and the chances I had with her, this new song by T.I. Mediocre came on as I changed the station. And while his take has a little different meaning, I am fucking so tired of mediocre, what I could be is right there, half the time I am that guy, it’s putting the puzzle pieces together to make the other half complete. I am tired of this mediocre life, I should be getting ready to marry her, I should be the one getting ready to have a kid with her, a month ago I should have been at my former best friends daughters celebration, four years gone, but they still celebrate her and all the good she brought in this world every single year as hard as it is. It got me thinking about all the good I could bring into the world, im not talking about making time for the mentally handicapped guy, or giving shoes to someone, I am talking about changing shit, that other shit you should do period! Fuck mediocre, fuck some other guy with my girl, fuck not being able to talk to my best friend, fuck it all, that is what I did, but storms come to us all remember that. As far as financial problems or woman problems or any shit like that, Robin Williams had all that, he also had demons like we all do and in the end his unfortunately won. I have battled these mother fuckers to long, you let demons hang around too long and bad shit can happen man and bad shit has been happening way to much lately, mediocre is what I settled for, so it is what I got! WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU IS WHAT YOU LET HAPPEN! Period, no ifs ands or buts, so on a night where we mourn one of the great ones, quit settling for mediocre and we all have storms, walk into that bitch and deal with it, before it decides to deal with you, Nanu Nanu Sir!


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