“If The Winds Of Change Blow Are Way Tomorrow, Are We Ready?

One of the greatest men to ever walk the face of this Earth, a man of dignity a man who before he died could look back on his life and be proud of it Mr. Nelson Mandela! That was his rallying cry from literally hell on Earth, Robbin Island prison in South Africa, his crime you ask? He was black, people were afraid of him and a lot like a guy named Jesus, people fear what they don’t understand and then they tend to overreact! Take a look at what is going on around the world because people refuse to sit down and try to understand one another! But before the weed and the A.D.D. completely take over for the night, let’s get down to business, lets take and inventory of things. Your mad about what was done to you. She opened the door, the winds of change blew your way and you weren’t ready, so guess what? The woman you should have married lays in another mans arms tonight. You made a promise over four years ago at your former best friends daughters casket and now because of your actions, you two don’t even speak, you had chances, the wind was blowing and you spit in its face and now it is blowing back. It warned you, you knew, you knew you were never out of the game and you knew the winds of change could blow your way, and then they did! And now because you werent ready it is boo hoo you and it was done to you and woah the fuck is me! Pretty pathetic if you ask me, just saying! Every single time the wind has blown your way you havent been ready and then you sit around wasting more time feeling sorry for yourself and she was the one and I can’t believe this and give me a fucking break man, you ever just get fucking tired of yourself? Tired of your own bullshit, tired of knowing you can pull it off if you would just keep taking those steps I was talking about earlier and man up and be a fucking man.  Winds blew my way and then blew just about everything that I cared about away, because I let it, because I was a pussy and acted like a bitch and  I wasnt ready! Chances are I can’t beat myself, I wont get over it and I will keep making excuses as to why I cant. I’ll survive, I will get by and ill even get content with it at one point, naw fuck that. I just stepped outside and while it may be early August, I felt a breeze in the air about to turn into a wind! This time im grabbing that mother fucker by the horns and I am riding it to whatever is next, this time I will be ready, it can all blow back my way tomorrow, I have to believe that and so do you, so get ready!


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