That Day I Quit Giving A Fuck About What I Couldn’t Do!

Today was that day, as I said earlier just steps away and now the steps are fewer, because today I quit giving a fuck about what I couldn’t do. Today I can’t and what was against me and it’s too big and too tough just didn’t enter into the equation. The only place things like that can defeat me is in my head and my head and my heart are battle hardened, Ive survived too much and ive put them through too much, this time what I couldn’t do is irrelevant. I couldnt and never will be able to dunk a basketball, I’m not the fastest runner, but like John Wooden said, “don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.” There are steps you can take every single day to put yourself just mere steps away if you were paying attention to my post. You can’t change free will, you can’t make someone love you no matter how much you want them to, but you can quit giving so much of a fuck about what you can change, because what you can do is more powerful than what you couldn’t do, always has been and always will be! It’s not about halves or have-nots anymore, it’s about the cans and the I couldn’t. I couldn’t finish what Bush started or rather I wouldn’t and now look  at me engaged in war again in Iraq! Russia is taking down jetliners and just talk no action???? Wait that’s right, just like Syria, Russia and China back them and when you have the super powers behind you, well…. I just wonder how Putin and  yeah I said it Putin takes down a jetliner and nothing, but every misstep we as Americans make is blown up times a hundred! But bet your ass people from all over the world come here to game the system! Just a little insight to what giving a fuck about what doesn’t matter does for you. Today I made a promise to  myself when I looked in the mirror and my feet hit the floor and you should do  the same thing as soon as you read this. Today is the last day I will let couldn’t come out of my mouth. Today I decided that from here on out and for the rest of my life, it is all about can! There are things in this life that we all can’t/couldn’t do, but when you focus on the  can, you can do anything you set your mind to man!!!!


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