Mother May I

Reality bites or so it would seem, and in a moment today it all was turned on its head. It wasnt about a girl who broke my heart, how good I looked or what I am or am not capable of, it’s about one thing now. Proving it to myself, as I stood behind the man at taco time today in his late forties probably looking like he was sixty, asking what was a dollar, I knew. Choices my friends, weed, whiskey and addiction over doing and now look at him. Story sound familiar? Does to the person sitting here writing this looking at his relection in the computer screen! As I stood there, his mother walked in the door, he put his head down embarrassed and ordered his food looking at his feet and  then walked to the table, head down, shoulders slouched. He had let life pass him by and now all that was left, was his mother to take care of him, and even he knew it. Please pay attention to this little nugget that I said earlier if you get nothing else from this. “Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, no second chances, sometimes its now or never!” Whenever his now or never moment was, he choose drugs probably serious ones by looking at him and sometimes you go to far and there is no next time. Sometimes you say things, do things to your body, things that do permanent damage and you miss your now or never moment. As I saw him today, it scared me to death, my mom has bailed my sorry ass out because of my stupid choices, but will I end up like him? The second that came out of my mouth, I realized  that was a choice and it comes down to what I have been saying all along. Its going to hurt, it’s going to suck and there are going to be times when you don’t want to, but mother may I or will I give up the things that I have to, to get too where I want to be?


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