I Don’t Want No Mediocre!

It’s Catchy in The T.I. and Iggy song, but when mediocre is what you have let your life become, it isn’t so catchy. It isn’t so shiny and it sure as hell isn’t very attractive! I suppose I could blame Marilyn Manson and then go on to bashing gays, its easy to throw out catchy it words for shock value and to make a point. Because while I am not a gay supporter and I never will be, not who I am not the way I was raised, it is the gays and Marilyn Manson’s fault for the way society is. It isn’t the parents fault, it isn’t the woman cheating on her husbands fault. It isn’t the husbands fault for hitting her and shoot knock her out in and elevator and pretty much get the fuck away with it Ray Rice, but God forbid ya smoke a little pot!  We pay these fuckers millions to play sports which if I am honest again, I love to watch, but they cheat with steroids, get hammered and pass out behind the wheel, beat women and whoops Aaron Hernandez is on body number wait I lost count! These are the people we are making heroes, these are the people we are following on our ESPN app getting updates about, these in some cases are who your children our looking up too! Yeah there went the A.D.D. my bad, I had a point to make about being mediocre, but almost three hundred words in and that point eludes me! I guess the point I am trying to make is, quit accepting and settling for less, it is like quitting, once you do it, it only gets easier. Never in a million years, did I think when I decided to settle the first time that fifteen years later I would still be trying to figure it out and chase down the life I want and the life I should have! If you ever find yourself using words like settled or content, run from the situation no matter how badly you don’t want too. Those are two of the worst words in the human language and they lead to the worst word in the human language, defeated! I was down, nine count for sure, this time I was so sure I wasnt going to be able to get up, this one was going to finish me. Yeah so was the one before that, so I guess I been wrong before, I am probably wrong again and one thing I know for sure, this mediocre bullshit is done!


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