The Storm Came Again Today!

The one storm that I have been stuck in the eye of for far too long, just when I start to think I am past it, it beats me over the head like a tone of bricks! I thought I was okay, living less than a mile away from the one who broke your heart and left you in pieces is tough. The hardest thing about getting over something is having to see it long past its expiration date! Anytime I used to pass her or see her before, it was that fluttering in my heart, followed by that feeling of what was lost in my chest. It was woah is me and go run and buy a pack of cigarettes and lose your fucking mind and go back to being defeated. Guess I will have to be the first to admit, I can take things pretty hard, but don’t we all when we lose something that matters? As I was walking my dog at seven this morning, all that strength I had built up from doing a ton of work last night and only sleeping three hours beaming across my face, the storm came directly at me. And when it did, it didn’t stop me in my tracks, I didn’t wonder what if, I simply wondered by the look on her face, does she know what she lost. Today I let that storm pass right by me and it felt pretty good, I felt better than I have in a long, long time. Sometimes the life you want is just waiting for you to weather the storm! It was my break me, fall apart kryptonite a couple of months ago, but today while I wasnt perfect, I realized my kryptonite made me. Getting passed over after being told I mattered so much and then having my heart ripped out and stomped on by somebody who wasnt perfect but expected me to be taught me storms run out of rain! Those storms that come rolling in, dark and gray and full of thunder and lightning, they come and they go, they are never permanent, so quit making them permanent. One of the biggest storms I have ever faced in my life, that would have destroyed me a couple of months ago, yeah that storm, I walked right through that mother fucker today, and not a drop of rain on me!


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