This Aint About!

This aint about excuses anymore or why the fuck I can’t. I played that game for too long and lost at it a long time ago, it just took me a little longer than planned to figure out I was  being a complete and total fucking loser. That the only thing, the only person that was ever in my way, yeah that guy, still standing in my way. But this isn’t about him or what he did, that mother fucker is dead, its come down to these days where I have only gotten three hours of sleep. No snooze today, I have pushed snooze on my life far to many fucking times at this point, on the clock, less than one month left, it would appear I have put myself on the clock again, tick toc! This aint about catching the bad break, we all do, this about being a warrior and liking what is up against you. A warrior goes into battle wanting the fight more that the fight wants him and that is why he or she comes out on top! They want it more, they see 3 a.m. and they push through it, they don’t let slip away what they want. When you catch a bad break, you can sit there and worry about it and make it worse than it is and feel sorry about it. It can literally finish you off if you let it! Or you can attack that bad break with everything you got and turn it into your big break, yeah that is what this is about, never been about what I did, but that’s what everybody was so busy running their mouth about. So busy, they stopped paying attention to what I was about to do, yeah this aint about excuses anymore, why I can’t went out the window a long, long time ago, it’s about damn time I figure out a reason why I can! Whoops, I guess I had those reasons all along, that promise I made to a six-year-old girl at her casket, that promise I made to all those people about who I was going to be and how I was going to be a little better. This isn’t about why we can’t, look around everyday, whether it is the mentally handicapped guy, or the crippled guy, you have no reason why you cant! When I started out on this path of addiction and doing whatever the fuck I wanted too, I didn’t realize I had only planned for it to be a one night stand, but it grabbed me and had other ideas. But their I go again, this isn’t about how bad it is, what I have done or who I have wronged, it is all about what I choose to hear as my favorite fullback Derrick Coleman would say! This aint about challenges, everybody has them, this is about picking your battles before they pick you. This is about picking yourself up off the ground, dusting yourself off and getting back in the game. Because this is about winning at life, and nobody won at the game of life by sitting on the sidelines! Yeah this about playing the game, this is about pain and hurt and all you are going to have to go through to get there, but this isn’t about you losing, not again, I can promise you that!


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