Sometimes You Have To Poop On The Front Lawn!

What must be left behind, what we don’t want to give up or what we are afraid of! Ah fuck it, that’s heartless, I have been doing pretty well with my posts lately, it will be a cold day in hell before I go back to that whining woe is me posting pussy lol, I kind of like that one. What are you afraid of? Have you faced it? Have you dealt with it? Have you even tried? Ah to hell with it, I guess sometimes you have to poop on the front lawn! Funny how dogs could care less about just about anything else, but try to watch them poop and its like a top-secret C.I.A. mission. But seriously how cool would it be to poop on someones lawn and just walk away? You can’t pick it up, you don’t have thumbs! So you skirt that responsibility to someone else! Funny while pooping on the front lawn, we forget so easily, just how messy the back lawn can get! Wanting so badly to be so mad about it, but how the hell can I, my backyard wasnt any cleaner. I’ve found going out and trying  to get the things that you want in this life is a lot easier when you take care of business.  Dogs aren’t afraid of what they have to give up, dogs aren’t afraid to face it, most if lucky will get ten years, so who then has the time to be afraid of it? Except there is the lesson of the whole post, whether you poop on a front lawn or not, you don’t have the time to be afraid of it!


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