Yoga Pants Are Liars!

I sat eating my lunch surrounded by a sea of yoga pants, I realized, that yoga pants are liars! I guess we all are liars at some point, but damn it yoga pants, make up and special bras, yoga pants are such fucking liars! I’m starting to realize if I keep moving forward, I will be okay, starting to think that some doors haven’t closed and even if they have, I’ll still be alright!I quit believing in myself, I gave up on myself and started expecting other people to make my miserable ass happy, happy starts with yourself! Happy starts with wanting it more than anything else, happy starts with realizing what matters and making that move that makes it happen! Happiness begins where fear ends. Where you want it more than you and you don’t care if your exposes, where your open to take the shots you have to take to get to where you want to be! When your willing to do and give up what you have to, too make it happen! Yoga pants are liars, sometimes the people who mean the must turn out to be liars, at some point you may even be a liar! In the end, all we can hope for is too do the best that we can!


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