Yeah That Guys Probably Not Getting Any!

You all see him, walking with his head down, hard to fake it anymore, yeah that guy probably isn’t getting any um sleep tonight, yeah that’s it! The guy with no confidence, the guy three months in who is found out and goes from the most attractive guy around, to just another chump! Yeah that guy probably isn’t getting any and worst of all, I have let myself become a chump. I got played and the worst part, I got played by myself. I had the ability to make it all happen, I didn’t have to lose any of it, but I was too fucking worried about everything else that didn’t matter, and now look at me! Look at me, I have the chance to get some, I have a chance to still make it happen. Now look at me, I quit bitching about it and since I have, shit has gotten a little better every single fucking day. Sorry for the cussing lately, but not being yourself is fake and right now I am angry about all of it. Look at me now, I let it all go down this way, but yet I am still standing, one move away from making it happen. One right step, a little more focus, a little less sleep and a little more four a.m. is all it takes to make a dream happen. The scariest mother fuckers on this planet are the ones who still believe in their crazy impossible dreams, because those mother fuckers are fearless. They run at it not from it no matter what it is, they don’t see it, they see and opportunity and they don’t waste it.  Yeah the only difference between guys getting some and guys not getting any, is guys getting some, don’t let life get in the way, they figure out a way when it looks like there isn’t one!


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