The Lawrence Taylor Affect! When A Man Looks Back On His Life!

I kept going back to that line in any given Sunday when Taylor and Jamie Foxx’s character are in the sauna! ” You lead Nigga, but did anybody follow? Let me tell you something. For every sucka that makes it, for every Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice, there is a hundred nigga’s you never even heard of! Sure the game has taught you how to strut, how to talk shit, how to hit, what else? Suddenly there is no more money, no more woman, no more fancy clothes, no more drinking. This is what I am trying to say to you rookie. When a man looks back on his life, he should be proud of all of it, not just some of it! He points to his heart and says you gotta learn that in here, if you don’t, your just another punk.” Another punk, what I let myself become, not a man, but a pussy who has let what he wants end up with someone else! Did anybody follow, have you been the leader you said you were going to step up and be? Have you stepped up and been the person that they expected you to be? It’s starting to come down to hours now, and if you need and explanation YouTube, what if you only had 24 hours in a day by Jay Luciano. The hours I have wasted, the hours and things that I can’t get back, the things I look back now at thirty-six a month away from thirty-seven and I can’t even say at this point I am proud of any of it. For all the good I do, for all the potential good I could do, what does it matter if you  are a complete fraud. What does any of it matter when you look back at your life and that is where what matters lies and you can’t have it? Dont ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do something, I let cant into my vocabulary and it was the worst mistake I could have made. I quit taking hits and I quit moving forward, I couldn’t do it, it was to hard, I was a coward and I just wanted to sit around and take shots and blame everybody else and now look at me. It killed me seeing the effects the drugs have had on Lawrence Taylor when he was talking last night at the hall of fame induction. It was even sadder when I looked in the mirror, and realized what I did to myself with cocaine for a year and a half period! The killer in me is the killer in you lol. You gotta want success more than anything else, more than a lost love, more than a chance at a new girl, more than sleep, more than fun, at the end of the 24 hours he says this. “If you are going to be succesful, you gotta give up sleep. You  gotta work of 3 hours, 2 hours of sleep some days. Some days your gonna have to stay up three days in a row. Because if you go to sleep you might miss the opportunity to be succesful, that is how bad you have to want it!” So one question for you. How bad do you want it? And how badly do you want to change what you see when you look back on your life. I bet if your honest with yourself and quit crying about it, what you really want, you can have!


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